Note: This page details a mod for Supreme Commander or Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and does not represent information useful in an unmodded game. For more information on what mods are and how to install them, please visit Mods.

4th Dimension Edit

"The "4th Dimension" is a modification for Supreme Commander and the expansion Forged Alliance which adds new content like completely new designed units, explosions and other effects. But this mod does not only add new content, it also changes parts of the game like balancing and gameplay. The goal of this mod is to make SC feel more realistic (as long as it is better for the gameplay) and to improve the balancing and optics of the game. For example nearly all muzzle velocities have been increased, and many units move much slower now. Another big aspect of this mod is the fact, that in 4th Dimension nearly all units have their right to exist, even in later tech levels, while in Supreme Commander you only see very few low tech units on the battlefield. Beside a new veteran system for vanilla Supreme Commander, which lets stronger units count more than weaker units and which gives units bigger buffs, the mod changes also the tarmac sizes and explosion effects."

- 4th Dimension Homepage

Upon the release of 2.0 the Seraphim are balanced and playable. They have no new units but the UEF and Aeon have both gained several new ones. Other key updates to take note of include the fact that the Defense Satelite now requires power to operate. Also, the experimental Bomber for the Seraphim is cheaper, but has a smaller blast radius for its bomb. For more info check out the Home Page link at the bottom.

- Notes from Firestorm

Features Edit

- Muzzle velocities are increased.

- Larger units have had movement and animation speeds reduced.

- Unit movement is now more realistic in terms of acceleration, turn-rate etc.

- All units regenerate slowly. Cybran Regenerate faster than the others.

- Most unit death explosions do damage to nearby units.

- Trees do not disappear when destroyed, have been enlarged and burn with larger flames.

- Explosions have been altered to "fireball" style explosions. (less damage on the edge of explosion)

- New and edited projectiles.

- New units.

- Aeon turrets are now Pop-up.

- Terrain scarring added to more weapons and duration extended.

- In FA air units have much lower health.

- Building tarmacs have been edited and enlarged.

- Support for the latest Sorian AIs.

- Bugs fixes.

- Optional Enhanced Explosion Looks.

- Phasing added to the Aeon T3 Spy Plane.

- Optional modified Unit Cap system.

-T3 Aeon Sniper Bot has teleportation.

New Units Edit


- Artemis: T1 Medium Assault Bot

Slow but tough walker armed with lasers and rockets.

- Meson: T3 Ultra Heavy Assault Tank

Heavy Tank armed with a quad cannon and rockets.

- Annihilator: T3 Heavy Disruptor Turret

Heavy turret used for taking on heavy units.

- Predator: T2 Sniper Bot (Replaces T3 Sniper Bot)

Armed with a long range sniper beam.

- Overlord: T4 Assault Bot

Heavy walker armed with a mix of weapons for taking on hordes of units.

- Abolisher: T2 Gunship Advanced Gunship

Powerful gunship used for taking on tough units with its laser beam.

- Tarantula: T3 Heavy Defense Unit

Armed with powerfull AA and anti-missile, this unit is slow and tough.


- Cutter: T1 Gatling Laser Vehicle

Armed with Twin lasers that can hit two targets.

- Termite: T2 Stealth Assault Bot

Stealthed and armed with twin lasers.

- Hellhoud: T3 Raiding Bot

Fast moving bot with twin lasers.

-Vampire:T2 Stealth Fighter

With Twin lasers,can cloak to be invisible from even omni.Cloaking disables upon attacking.

- Chimera: T3 Heavy Tank-Bot

Slow and tough tank armed with two heavy cannons and a laser beam.

- Beholder: T3 Microwave-Laser Turret

Heavy turret that can rip apart heavy and light units.

- Retribution: T3 Drone Gunship (Reskinned for 2.1)

Tough but powerful gunship that spawns drones for dealing with most enemies. Also has anti-ground cannons.

- Vulcanizer: T4 Rapid-Fire Artillery (replaces Scathis)

Armed with a powerful rapid fire artillery cannon, the vulcaizer can level bases. Also has a back up laser while moving.


- MA-20 Crusher: T1 Medium Tank (Striker is now a light tank)

Tough and powerful tank armed with a single cannon.

- Harkon: T3 Heavy Walker

Armed with dual gattling cannons and a long range plasma cannon.

- Hermes: T3 Mobile SAM launcher

Armed with AA SAMS and a plasma cannon.

- Rampage: T4 Assault Bot

A heavy walker that can rip through tanks and outposts with ease.

- Ripper: T2 Transportable Turret (Radar Added)

Armed with a single plasma gattling cannon.

- Thrasher: T2 Multi-Role Fighter

Armed with an AA minigun and Anti-ground rockets.

- Caiman: T1 Amphibious Hover Craft

Fast moving light tank with a rapid fire mortar for ambushes.

- Little John: T3 Ultra Heavy Tank

Armed with a Heavy Plasma Cannon, and two gauss cannons.

- Brimstone: T3 Heavy Point Defense

Equipped with a heavy plasma cannon, it can rip through tough units at long range.

- Balrog: T4 Experimental Walker

Armed with a Magma cannon, cruise missiles, AA SAMS, gattling plasma, and plasma cannons. The Balrog and make a hole in almost any base.


- Kykhu Oss: T3 Transforming Walker

Armed with a lightning gun, bolter, and a cruise missile. The walker has no weapons when flying.

External Links Edit

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2.01 Download -Filefront download link for the latest version of the mod.