Creating Units--Tutorial 2Edit

To start off, I am going to assume you read the Unit Creation tutorial here. If you didn't read it, read it before this one as it will tell you a lot of things you need to do. The tools needed are the same, and today we will create the Slimboy Defense Craft, a smaller version of the Fatboy. This time I will be a lot more hands off, telling you to do this and copy that, occasionally instructing you on something new.


For starters, copy out the Fatboy files (UEL0401) to a new mod dir in the same structure as last time; do the same with stock versions of the rest of the files in the same spots. We will need a new file from the projectiles.scd, so unzip it to /projectiles. Retrieve from it the TDFGauss04 and paste it into \projectiles. Now change the mod_info file with the new mod name (Slimboy) and a description as well as a new uid. Also make a new description with UEL0402 in the square brackets instead of the other value. This tells the game the unit associated with the description. I used the following description but you can write your own.

"The Slimboy is a cut-down version of the Fatboy. With weapons that are superior to the Fatboy in almost every respect , this craft is equally suited to defense or attack. it cannot go underwater and the construction bay was converted into weapons ammunition storage, however. The Air Staging Platforms now house an advanced shield generator providing protection for the Slimboy."

After doing that, rename the TDFGauss04 to TDFGauss05, as well as the files in it. Then rename the Fatboy dir and all files in it to (start with) UEL0402. Then open up the UEL0402_unit.bp. This one is much bigger so we will not edit it yet; just get it ingame and then edit it in stages. You only have to do one more thing to get a copy of the Fatboy ingame; rename the Icons. If you already have done this, SCD* it and test it. Now that you have it ingame, we have a lot of work to do. The first thing we need to do is remove the Amphibious capability, and that includes the torpedoes. We will start in the script, and there is a ton of work to do, but i will make it simple for you. Paste the following text over the existing script(Ctrl+A then Ctrl+V):

local TLandUnit = import('/lua/terranunits.lua').TLandUnit

local WeaponsFile = import('/lua/terranweapons.lua')

local TDFGaussCannonWeapon = WeaponsFile.TDFGaussCannonWeapon

local TDFRiotWeapon = WeaponsFile.TDFRiotWeapon

local TAALinkedRailgun = WeaponsFile.TAALinkedRailgun

local EffectTemplate = import('/lua/EffectTemplates.lua')

UEL0401 = Class(TLandUnit) {
    Weapons = {
        RightTurret01 = Class(TDFGaussCannonWeapon) {},
        RightTurret02 = Class(TDFGaussCannonWeapon) {},
        LeftTurret01 = Class(TDFGaussCannonWeapon) {},
        LeftTurret02 = Class(TDFGaussCannonWeapon) {},
        RightRiotgun = Class(TDFRiotWeapon) {
            FxMuzzleFlash = EffectTemplate.TRiotGunMuzzleFxTank
        LeftRiotgun = Class(TDFRiotWeapon) {
            FxMuzzleFlash = EffectTemplate.TRiotGunMuzzleFxTank
        RightAAGun = Class(TAALinkedRailgun) {},
        LeftAAGun = Class(TAALinkedRailgun) {},

    FxDamageScale = 2.5,


TypeClass = UEL0401

Save and close then open up the bp file. (More coming soon)

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