Note: If you like to strike fast, this is not for you. You should read Gunship kill strategy.

This tactic is best used against a very well defended enemy. When I tried this, the UEF had already taken down 2 Sacred Assult Bots, and a Flying Fortress. I will list the best combinations for naval and land maps. I will write in the is format: Unit Type: Minimum Number: Recommended Number: Optimal Number: Comments:


Unit Type:Aeon T3 Aircraft Carrier Keefer Class Minimum Number:1 Recommended Number:2 Optimal Number:5 Comments: It can carry 60 aircraft.

Unit Type:Aeon T3 Strategic Bomber Shocker Minimum Number:5 Recommended Number:10 Optimal Number:20 Comments: Excellent ACU Killer.

Unit Type:Aeon T2 Gunship Specter Minimum Number:10 Recommended Number:20 Optimal Number:50 Comments:Very hard to hit with AA.

Unit Type:Aeon T1 Attack Bomber Shimmer Minimum Number:10 Recommended Number:50 Optimal Number:100 Comments: Not much damage, but an excellent AA distractor.

If there is a possibility that the ACU is underwater, include 10 Aeon T2 Torpedo Bomber Skimmer


A forward base, and no Keefer.

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