Alpha 7 Quarantine
Supreme Commander official skirmish map
Alpha 7 Quarantine preview
Max Players 8
Size: 40x40 km
     Flagged 'hazard' by the old Earth Empire, Alpha 7 has been quarantined for hundreds of years. Only now have the factions begun to wonder why. Did it contain aliens, some sort of plague or virus? No one knows, but the factions are willing to fight to find out.

Alpha 7 Quarantine is an official skirmish map from Supreme Commander.

Tips for PlayersEdit

For the solo FA players, this is not the map for you. Although having huge expanses of open land, you are huddled next to your teammate who will also consume the precious mass extractors or hill you may have wanted for an artillery complex and for such a large map,your artillery may not be able to hit some enemies.Your omni sensors will not be able to detect faraway units so be sure to use spy planes to scout. Alpha-7 Quarantine holds a small UEF settlement.

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