Use this strategy when your enemy is delivering frontal attacks with tightly packed units.

Step IEdit

  • Create a packet of T3 Artillery near your base. Four is preferable.
    • Build a Omni T3 Radar to support the Artillery.
  • Create a force of T3 Engineers, T3 Siege Assault Bots, T2 Mobile Missile Launchers, and T2 Anti Air. Array them in a formation like this: S for Siege Assault Bots, a square for MMLs, a dot for Engineers, and an X for AA.


  • Start creating an anti-land force. You will be using this to take out the enemy's army, so make it good.

Step IIEdit

  • Move this formation to a spot within your previous artillery's range, but to the side of the map, out of the way of an attacking force.
    • Build another pocket of four T3 Artillery, with Anti Air, Point Defense, and shields.
  • Continue building in this manner until your artillery covers the enemy's base.
  • Create a secondary task force comprised primarily of T3 Siege Assault Bots and an Experimental Unit.

Step IIIEdit

If you have executed this correctly, you will have almost the entire map covered by artillery fire.

  • Begin shelling the enemy's base. Throw in an occasional bombing run. If all goes well, the enemy will be forced to attack you. Remember the army you were building? By now it should be rather large.
  • Move this army to the middle of the map. Make sure your enemy can see it.
  • When your enemy moves his army out to attack yours, pull your army back and let your artillery pummel his army for a while.

Step IVEdit

  • When your enemy's force gets close to your base, stop the artillery barrage.
  • Engage your enemy's army head on.
  • Send your Task Force with the Experimental Unit and Siege Assault Bots in a Flanking maneuver, and hit your enemy's army in its vulnerable rear. Your army should beat your enemy's weakened and now cut off army.

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