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This strategy has a high success rate if done correctly, but you must be patient and have a very good "Sea Turtle" defense to pull this off. It has many advantages over a normal bombing raid. For example, the bombers are not exposed before the attack, when a group of enemy bombers or fighters can destroy your air force in a snap. Instead they are underwater, protected in the belly of an Atlantis...

STEP 1: Build your economy and Land Defense to T3, keeping your enemy at bay and erecting defenses around yourself. Your enemy will be doing this too, so you need to pay attention to where you send your units...

STEP 2: Build T3 AA, T2 Torpedo Launchers, and two or three sonars in an Atlantis sized rectangle, one rectangle for each planned Atlantis. This will keep them protected from attack from the sea and air, the only two points of attack unless you put them right next to unguarded land...

STEP 3: Build two or three T4 (Experimental) UEF Submersible Aircraft Carriers, in the defensive spaces. After completion of said Atlantises, submerge them, click the infinity build button, and click the T3 Gunship or the T3 Strategic Bomber. It is critical to submerge them, for they don't have the highest HP in the game, and a few Strategic Bombers can make quick work of your potential strike...

STEP 4: Now comes the hard part: You have got to be patient and forget about the Atlantises for a while, maybe send some Titans or Amphibious Tanks over to distract the enemy. Wait until you have about 100 Broadswords in each Atlantis...

STEP 5: A. Surface the Atlantises

B. Deploy the Gunships or Bombers right above the enemy ACU and Base, or any other high value target in need of OBLIVION!!!

C. Above Blitzkrieg of 200-300 T3 air units should catch any enemy off guard, allowing you to send your "Army out of your hat" to make swift work of anything your opponent has into a barbecued mass of slag.

Hint: Don't get <:^( or >:^( when your Broadswords and Ambassadors get blown to Kingdom Come in the ACU Meltdown, because most will get destroyed, but the game will be over at that point, with that many bombers it is almost a guarantee that they will have enough ordnance dropped to take down all shields and damage the ACU to an extent that it BLOWS UP.

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