I would like to try and give to inexperienced players some options that you can use to attack a fully shielded base when you play a skirmish game against an AI which heavily defend their bases with shields. This is in no means a superb strategy and i'm sure it can appear illogical and impractical at times, but it is certainly an option to be considered. For this strategy i'm going to rely heavily on UEF units, although you can also try it with another faction .

Forces Organization

Main Forces:

  • Mainly UEF T2 Heavy Tank (I usually build around 100 of these, build more land factories if you desire to build them quickly). the main reason the "Pillar" are choosen for this mission is because it's cheap and can be produced massively in shorter time. once you have determined the "worm hole" for the transport to unload and set up the "ferry" beacon, direct your land factory rally point on it. This will assure that the Pillar will be constantly transported to the target location.
  • Transport Ship UEF T2 Air Transport or UEF T3 Heavy Air Transport (20 or 30 depends on how much and how fast you want your forces to be deployed). Player should be competent with the ferry command. It's preferable if you use the Continental as the primary transport as it is equipped with shield and it also can carry more payload. Also and remember to escort them with AA fighter because some veteran player will call you a moron if you did not do so.

Main Task:

  • Insert large amount of tanks behind enemy lines.
  • Enter shielded Area and disrupt the shields.
  • Reduce the defense of enemy forces.
  • Increase the odds of victory.

Second Frontal Assault Forces:

Main Task:

  • Provide Distraction before the main force penetrates behind enemy lines.
  • Destroy resource or clear static defense outside of the enemy shield  to ensure the safety of transportation.
  • Act as a reinforcement once the main forces has landed.

Assault enggineer group:

  • T3 Engineers/ SCUs: if available (with some decent AA and Shield support of course.)

Main Task:

  • After the Second Main Group march forwards, order the enggineer to follow from behind and order them to construct fire bases. this act like a backup if your main attacking forces failed or destroyed completely. Build some hard point defense and starts turtling.
  • At this Point Of chokehold you can also build a bunch of T2 Tactical launcer or T2 Artillery (just make sure that the enemy bases are in your missile and artillery firing range.)

Third Support Group:

Main Tasks:

  •  Provide safety for the transport, from AA and Interceptors.

Fourth heavy support Group:

Main Tasks:

  •  Indirect fire support in destroying enemy defense and generators.


  • If your primary forces succeed, then you'll likely acheive victory shortly after.
  • Your secondary forces provide good backup and act in a pincer movement.
  • If the tactic does fail, then it's likely the enemy may still be rebuilding. This along with the pressure from your artillery should stop a counter-attack.
  • The strategy is easy to use repeatedly thanks to the use of the ferry system.


  • The enemy is likely to have at least a tier 2 radar, so the element of surprise isn't likely to hold.
  • The enemy may have a superiour airforce and destroy your transports.
  • Without intel before attacking the plan could easily fail as you need to know any weak spots.
  • The T2 "Pillar" is slow and has an average DPS.
  • This strategy is unlikely to work on a small map or one in which the enemy base has only 1 entrance.

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