Betrayal Ocean
Supreme Commander official skirmish map
Betrayal Ocean preview
Max Players 8
Size: 81x81 km

Betrayal Ocean is an official skirmish map from Supreme Commander.


With all the islands, a Commander who has his/her island taken by a teammate or has been bombarded by the enemy, can always hide on a rock while slowly building a fortress to ward off enemy attacks or get an artillery base up and running. It should be noted that there are TWO different versions of this map. The original Supreme Commander map has the in between and center islands heavily defended by civillian T3 anti-air and T2 point, these are supported by shields, T2 power generators, and T2 radar, the type of buildings correspond to your faction in a skirmish and in multiplayer they are possibly UEF. The Forged Alliance version instead features each tiny island (the ones with two mex points) containing a civilian flak, shield, and omni. The center island has a very large civilian base containing T2 point defense, flak, and shields. It also contains omni and T3 power generators. In multiplayer, all civilians are cybran.


The key to securing Betrayal Ocean is full scale assaults. Islands can be heavily protected, especialy with Cybran H.A.R.M.S. TS's and UEF Ravager PDs.

A Cybran player can get four to five T2 transports with a cloaked ACU and land just outside omni sensor range near the opponent's base. He/she can build multiple naval factories, advance them to T2, construct AA and T2 torpedo launchers, and start producing Salem class destroyers. Mermaids and Command classes can be used to support the player's assault.

In Forged Alliance, Megaliths can construct Bricks to support the beach attack. The Cybran player should build multiple transports and sACUs. Completely filling one transport with one type of unit is not recommended. Losing one fully loaded with Bangers can be a devastating blow. For this entire operation, having an able-bodied economy is paramount as it will reduce the efficiency of all structures that consume resources and leave the Megalith vulnerable for an extended period of time. The basis of the player's army are Brick heavy assault bots and Gemini ASFs.

The UEF have an advantage during this type of operation. If the UEF player has a sizable and efficient economy as well as T3 air and land factories, he/she should start with Percivals and and Star Lifter transports. Constructing one to three Fatboys as the player's economy permits is recommended. T3 naval factories are necessary for ten to fifteen Governor classes. To complete the preparations, Wasp ASFs should be built to distract enemy aircraft, and the player will need at least three Summit battleships for base bombardment. To achieve certain victory, the player should send all forces at the same time.

For the Aeon, experimental CZAR carriers are a massive advantage. The player will need two to four of them in addition to Corona ASFs and Restorer gunships. The gunships can fend of most air forces and even the occasional T3 fighter. Then, the player will need several Beacon and Omen class naval units for shore bombardment. The battleships are for destroying AA emplacements to clear a path for the CZARS to eliminate the enemy position

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