Note: This page details a mod for Supreme Commander or Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and does not represent information useful in an unmodded game. For more information on what mods are and how to install them, please visit Mods.

BlackOps UnleashedEdit

New UnitsEdit

Aeon Edit


T1 Sniper Bot, T2 Medium Assault Tank, T3 Teleporting Bot, T3 Mobile SAM, Aeon T3 Heavy Hover Tank


T3 Air Transport


T3 Escort Frigate


T1 Light Staging Facility, T2 Energy Mortar Emplacement, T2 Hydrocarbon Power Plant, T2 Anti-Teleport Tower, T3 TMD, T3 Resource Storage, T3 Tactical Missile Launcher, T3 Point Defense,T3 Air Refuel Pad, T3 Hydrocarbon Power Plant, T3 Anti-Teleport Tower

T3 SMD's Anti-Satellite Defense Module

Automatically targets and fires at satellites in its range. Does not use projectile slots, and firing costs nothing. Has the same range as the core anti-nuke module.


Artemis Satellite Control Center: can build an Artemis Satellite capable of launching nuclear grade devastation underneath itself.

Assault Tank Genesis, Siege Weapon Inquisitor



T1 Random Bot

An assault bot that receives a random type of weapon, from gatling laser, grenade launcher, flame thrower and surface-to-surface rocket launcher. 

There were plans to scrap this model in favor of a new possibly light hover vehicle of same name with a defined rocket or grenade launcher weapon battery, but development has slowed to a halt long ago and its likely to never continue due to unspecified reasons. 

T1 Rocket Beetle, T2 Ambushing Laser Bot, T3 Ambushing Microwave Laser Bot, T3 Mobile SAM, T3 Mobile Rocket Artillery


T3 Air Transport


T3 Assault Submarine was an arguably failed attempt at matching the Seraphim's T3 submarine, however it still loses horribly in a two on one encounter, thus it is advised to have at least 4~5 in a group when taking on such enemies. Its deck guns are however fairly formidable surface weapons.

T3 Attack Frigate like the T1 frigate and the T2 destroyer combined. It can walk on land if needed. While it is equipped with much the same or similar systems, it is much more suited to naval combat as its main weapon is a pair of light microwave laser cannons, which may have problem hitting the target on rough terrain.

T3 Escort Ship - is a combination of the T3 attack frigate, T2 destroyer and the T2 cruiser, with no refuel platforms, good anti-air systems, and much the same but slightly weaker surface weapons as the T3 attack frigate.


T1 Light Air Staging Facility, T2 Rapid-fire Artillery, T2 Hydrocarbon Power Plant, T2 Anti-Teleport Tower, T3 Cloak Field Generator, T3 Resource Storage, T3 Hydrocarbon Power Plant, T3 Point Defense,T3 Air Refuel Pad, T3 (T2) Shield Generator ED5, T3 Anti-Teleport Tower, T3 SMD's Anti-Satellite Defense Module

Cybran Experimental UNITSEdit

Basilisk: is the ultimate in mobile weapon platforms, Armed Dual Electron Photon Cannons, Quad EMP Disruption Cannons, a Pair of Electron Bolters, Cluster Missiles and Beam Missiles. Switching to Artillery Mode deploys the famed Plasma Artillery and Viper Missile Launchers at the cost of mobility. Futhur more the MKII is equiped with Extensive NanoBot Hives to rapidly repair even the most extensive of damage in record time.

Seadragon: Pride of the Cybran Navy, the Seadragon Class Dreadnought is armed with 2 X Class Rail Cannons, several deck cannons, AA, and torpedoes. Enemies shake in fear at the sight of this vessel.

Gargantuan: Experimental Transport able to ferry 24 units regardless of Tier level from T1, 2 and 3 across the battlefield; carries several weapon systems (including EMP missiles) and stealth to protect itself and its cargo.



T1 Deployable Tank Hunter /Mobile PD, T2 Flamethrower Tank, T3 Artillery Support Bot, T3 Mobile Rapid-fire Anti-Air Cannon

T3 Battle Station Juggernaut arms with 1 heavy duty rail gun as its main weapon, 2x Plasma gatling turret mounted in front corner of the tank, and a small missile launcher mounted in the back of the tank.



T3 Escort Frigate, T3 Advanced Tactical Submarine


T1 Light Air Staging Facility, T2 Rapid-fire Artillery, T2 Hydrocarbon Power Plant, T2 Anti-Teleport Tower, T3 Resource Storage, T3 Air Refuel Pad, T3 Hydrocarbon Power Plant, T3 SMD's Anti-Satellite Defense Module, T3 Anti-Teleport Tower

UEF Experimental UNITSEdit

Goliath: A huge Assault bot,that carries 2x big Flamethrowers on the arms, 2x medium laser gun mounted on the shoulder,and missiles launcher.

Conquest: A massive dreadnought Battleship arms with 4x Huges cannons that's fire a small yield thermonuclear explosion, 10x double barrel destroyer guns for close ship to ship combat, 12x tactical missile launcher will automatically fire, 4x anti-air rail guns, and 2x missile defenses.

Citadel: A massive mobile aerial fortress and air staging facility that can wreak entire air fleets including experimental crafts with ease and can also provide some medium range ground support with its 2 heavy duty rail guns mounted on each side. Though, due to design failure, its air to surface rail guns have a significant blind area directly underneath the vessel and in a wide straight line in front and behind that area. This is because these guns were mounted on the sides, instead of being on the lower edge lining or entirely on the under surface.

Harmonic Wave Generator,

Experimental Resource Generator Philadelphia: Generates 50 mass and () energy. Volatile and don't build it.



T1 Protector bot tricks enemy auto-targeting systems into firing at itself regardless of the threat level of its surrounding allies.

T3 Lambda Equipped Assault Bot, T3 Lightning Tank

T2 Elite Assault Bot, T2 Elite Mobile Anti-Air Cannon, T2 Elite Mobile Missile Launcher, T2 Elite Hover Tank, T3 Elite Lambda Equipped Assault Bot, T3 Elite Lightning Tank, T3 Elite Mobile Heavy Artillery, T3 Elite Siege Tank, T3 Elite Sniper Bot


T3 Air Transport

T3 Gunship - has anti-shield weapons as well.


T2 Bombardment Ship, T3 Heavy Cruiser


T1 Light Air Staging Beacon, T2 Land Mine Dispenser, T2 Hydrocarbon Power Plant, T2 Anti-Teleport Tower, T2 Restoration Field Generator, T3 Resource Storage, T3 Air Refuel Pad, T3 Hydrocarbon Power Plant, T3 SMD's Anti-Satellite Defense Module, T3 Point Defense, T3 Anti-Teleport Tower


Quantum Gate at the cost of enormous amounts of energy for upkeep, it allows the rapid production of "Elite" versions of most Seraphim T2 & 3 land unts for less than their normal price. These units also have better overall stats, including durability, regeneration, damage, etc. than their normal versions.

Lambda Field Generator /Advanced Point Defense, Hover Tank

Naval Dreadnought like its other faction counterparts it is equipped with weapons of similar grade, able to easily wreak havoc on the field. Its major difference from them is that is has a built-in Strategic Missile Defense module, capable of storing several SMD missiles and has a similar range to that of those launched from the structure.

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