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The Black Sun is a central plot element of Supreme Commander. It is the ultimate UEF planet-killer weapon of mass destruction, a symbol of their power and the fruit of President Riley's presidency, but it can be used for other purposes as well. It works by sending huge quantum energy bursts through the quantum gate network, destroying any planet its beam makes contact with.


If the player carries out all the missions to the end with any side, the Black Sun does the following:

  • UEF: Black Sun was used to destroy Cybran and Aeon coreworlds, thus ending the Infinite War as the UEF rises to lead all of humanity.
  • Cybran: It was used to deliver the Liberation Matrix and the Quantum Virus to the network, freeing all Symbionts under UEF control and disabling the usage of Quantum travel for several years, thus also temporarily ending the Infinite War and letting the Cybran Nation recover, celebrating their newfound freedom from their UEF masters.
  • Aeon: It was used by Princess Rhianne to become one with the network in order to simultaneously speak to all human minds, UEF, Cybran and Aeon, to end the eternal carnage once and for all, thus also ending the Infinite War as the factions make peace. Perhaps what Rhianne said was right: symbols often corrupted the truth, and that they must be destroyed so that beliefs can be changed, and the Black Sun is no exception of this fact.

A Fatal Side-effectEdit

However, once Black Sun was fired, it had an unintentional side-effect: the quantum barrier between the human dimension and the Seraphim's was weakened, allowing their Warrior fleet to begin the invasion of Earth which, in turn, begins another war, this time between the Coalition of Human Defense (the UEF, Aeon and Cybran nations) and the Seraphim (aided by the Order of the Illuminate, an Aeon breakaway faction, and by the Cybran artificial intelligence QAI).

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