A Blitzkrieg, or "Lightning War" begins with a bombardment, then a pinpoint concentrated assault on a small portion of a defensive line utilizing fast-moving mechanized/armored assets. The opposing force is usually too slow to react before the faster attacking force has penetrated to the undefended rear. It has been employed most famously in the 1940 Battle of France and the 1941 Operation Barbarossa, though blitz-like tactics have been used in most wars since.

In SupCom, a Blitzkrieg is a way to punch a hole in enemy defenses and flood into its less defended back.

To pull it off the player needs strong, fast units and especially to keep momentum.

Phase 1 of a Blitzkrieg assault begins with an indirect fire bombardment (by air or artillery, including naval artillery) focused on a single spot to maximize damage dealt in the shortest time frame possible. A good tactic is to issue the Hold Fire command, define your attack orders, and then cancel Hold Fire for all units at once.

Phase 2 starts as soon as the weak point - a turreted wall, a firebase, an opposing army - is destoyed. Fast, heavily armored units pour into the breach and keep moving until they get to their intended targets, that can be enemy resource facilities, factories, or Commanders. Units best suited for the job are T3 Siege Bots, especially UEF Titans, as they are both relatively fast and heavily armored. A good, cheaper and faster-moving second choice are T2 Heavy Tanks, and for Cybrans, Mantis Heavy Assault Bots.

Phase 3 would deal with keeping the breach open: heavy, resistant units can cope with a counterattack, and a flock of Engineers following can easily set up a small Firebase to help defend the breach.

Note: Experimentals work great on Blitzkrieg, especially UEF Fatboy, which can stage a Blitzkrieg all by itself.

Problems and Weaknesses in the StrategyEdit

A flaw in this is that any competent enemy would have radar devices to detect the enemy forces before they get there, and if they don't, they probably have a few Ravagers pointing at your units. The only way to efficiently execute this strategy is to distract the enemy with chat or Stealing engineers and mass extractors. This is an extremely hard strategy to pull off successfully, but if you're looking for a challenge, or trying out a new style, feel free. It works brilliantly if executed correctly.

Alternate Blitzkrieg StrategiesEdit

"Blitz" is the German word for "lightning." The key element in a blitzkrieg is timing. A successful blitz can be pulled off with relatively few or weak units, as long as the timing is correct. Note: Artillery is a slower weapon of attrition, and does not have a place in a lightning attack.

- Attack with diverse unit types simultaneously. This increases the chance that your attack will have something they didn't plan for. Use air and ground forces together for maximum effect.

- After arranging your forces into formation, send the air forces in first, but the ground forces close on their tails. Use bombers to hit entrenched PD's (whether mobile or not). That way the land force won't have to deal with a hale and hearty defense. You will probably lose most-to-all of your air forces in the attack, but the weakened ground forces will more easily succumb to your troops.

- Have transports drop a small to moderate force just behind enemy lines only seconds before your main ground force hits. The idea being that, though this landing force may be obliterated, they will have the enemy facing the opposite direction and hurting themselves with crossfire. Meanwhile your concentrated main force hits them in the back. This requires pinpoint timing, and thus significant practice in singleplayer.

-Incorporate Stealth Charges into your attack. Build stealth field genrators halfway to your target, therefore masking your attack force, along with some artillery and a few rudimentery defenses. Then using that attack force you can perform a Stealth Charge and get deep into the enemy base.

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