This strategy relies on being able to distract the enemy air defenses long enough to send in at least 5 bombers and destroy the ACU. With the 3251 patch, this has been harder as defenses target bombers/gunships/transports over interceptors and such. This strategy will not cover destroying enemy defenses, just destroying the ACU while the AA defense is distracted.


Portion 1, or the ConstructionEdit

All right, this needs to be covered for several reasons, one being that enemy defenses are so varied, and different choices are best for different defenses. If the defenses are mostly stationary, produce a large amount of interceptors and a small amount of spy planes. If the defenses are mostly mobile, use a large amount of spy planes. If the defenses are equal amounts of mobile and stationary, use equal amounts of interceptors/spy planes. A minimum of 5 strategic bombers are required, but more are better.

Portion 2, or the AttackEdit

The best method to attack is to move all units to a point near the enemy base. Then send in your distraction force, and while they are distracting find and bomb the ACU. if all goes well, the ACU will be destroyed!

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