This strategy is an ACU killing strategy.

If you play as the Aeon, get one or multiple CZARs as soon as possible. Load it with 30 Conservators and 30 Shimmers (or more if you want to). Place the CZAR far away from the enemy base, but close enough to launch the aircraft at it. Launch them all at once and as soon as they have left the CZAR move the CZAR along with them. The Conservators and Shimmers will draw fire from all the AA in the base and do slight damage. During this time, your CZAR will be more or less on top of the enemy commander. The Quantum Beam Generator will most likely kill him, or the aircrash will if they shoot it down.As an aside, this is a fairly last-ditch suicide tactic, as the Mercy missiles are suicide missiles, and the CZAR could easily be torn up by AA, though the Air Crash will provide a bit more damage, if the CZAR is shot down.

These strategies are late game but should be done before too many Air Superiority Fighters have been built.

This strategy follows the general tactic of drawing forces away from your enemy's base,then swooping in before their forces can return to repel the invaders. I highly recommend T3 AA Gunships as a distraction as they can cause quite a ruckus in numbers with their AA and ground weapon. Matthew Plichta 04:36, December 27, 2011 (UTC)

Note: This tactic is very effective and lots of respectable players use it a lot.

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