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2016-03-04 00032

Civilian buildings in first campaign mission.

Civilians are the "innocent non-combatants" caught in between the crossfire of the different factions on skirmish maps and to a certain extent campaign maps. Often in skirmish maps you will occasionally run into buildings that are not owned by anyone, these are civilian buildings. Civilians are unique in that they have buildings such as housing, manufacturing plants, research facilities, agricultural buildings, and administrative buildings that the player can't build. These buildings are also meant to simulate towns or other sites. Civilians do not have actual armies and thus will not seek to attack you. However this doesn't mean that they don't have defensive capabilities and some maps will give them heavy and well defended point defenses and anti-air guns. Civilian bases are usually placed in prominent positions such as in the map's center or in between player starting positions, thus completely destroying civilian bases is not always recommended since when you dispose of the point defenses these bases usually are well positioned to harass your opponent and provide a mid-way stopping point for armies attacking the enemy base. The bases will typically have at least a power generator and T2 radar along with walls to start with, also some bases have shields and anti-air guns. These are all excellent things to capture with engineers or ACU.

Units classified as civilian Edit

Seraphim: Edit

UEF: Edit

Aeon: Edit

Cybran: Edit

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