Concord Lake
Supreme Commander official skirmish map
Concord Lake preview
Max Players 8
Size: 20x20 km
     Not technically a lake, but rather an upwelling of gases that have combined to form a 'water-like' liquid. Most of the gases are unknown and all three factions are eager to exploit the area and discover its secrets.

Concord Lake is an official skirmish map from Supreme Commander.

This supreme commander map is one of the few maps that allows all classes of units to be used effectively.In the centre, there is adequate room for naval battles and shore bombardment.Aircraft carriers could be used well in the centre to act as a mobile factory and refueling point.

Air units can be effective on this map because the lake in the middle can be used as a staging area for suprise attacks, especially if the enemy neglects their naval force.

Land units may be able to move around the lake in the middle to attack from the side, or amphibious units can cross the lake. Bricks, the cybran armored assault bots, as well as the UEF equivalent, the Percival, can be used for this purpose although torpedo defense may prove problematic.

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