Crag Dunes
Forged Alliance official skirmish map
Crag Dunes preview
Max Players
Ranked as
Size: 5x5 km
     Used for centuries as a sanctuary by guerrilla fighters, Dunes provide dozens of hiding spots amongst a maze of craggy rocks. With the arrival of the Seraphim, the rocks are once again home to those seeking refuge.

Crag Dunes is an official skirmish map from Forged Alliance.

Crag Dunes is full of choke points. Securing your bases choke points is vital to your survival. Early on, you want to try to claim the mass deposits in the middle to gain the economic edge. Reclaiming the Civilian buildings in the centre is also a great way to gain mass. There are areas on the map that are ideal for surprise landings and raids, putting aggressive expansions at a greater risk.

The key to winning is to rely on units that are good in direct confrontatons. The map has very a limited space so its important to be able to break and smash your way through the enemy postition. Artillery and other indirect fire units are quite useful, if used properly. For example, the Trebuchet, (Cybran T3 mobile heavy artillery) would have to deployed in an area away from the jagged cliffs that divide and cover the map. Otherwise, they'll just hit the rocks.

Aircraft, especially gunships, have a great advantage on this map. They can spring from behind the cliffs suddenly to take out targets then vanish behind the rocks to hide from AA fire. Careful use of air and ground units is key to taking the lead on Crag Dunes.

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