-My English is not good so i apologize for any mistake.

-It's pretty simple:Open /gamedata in your game directory(Example:D/Supreme Commander:Forged Alliance/gamedata)

-Find the "mods.scd" and extract it with WinRAR.

-Open the "mods" folder,then open the the "Campaign Branch" folder.

-Use Notepad to open the "all_units.bp". -As you can see,there are tons of text here.Extract the "units.scd".Remember those thing:

+UA....:Aeon units

+UE....:UEF units

+UR....:Cybran units

+DA,E,R....:Aeon,UEF,Cybran patch's units.(excluding the UEF T2 fighter bomber)

+XA,E,R,....:Forged Alliance units.(Including all Seraphim units)

+....B:Base's Structures.

+....L:Land units.

+....S:Sea Units.

+....A:Air units.

  • P/S:If you cannot find out the the skirmish game,then press Alt+F2 to open the unit spawn menu(remember to enable cheat mode).The code is at the very left edge of the menu.

-Open those folder to search for the specific units name that match the blueprint code(For Example:The UEL0401 is the Fatboy)

-Open the "all_units.bp" and search the code that match the units you want to edit.

-Edit what you want.

-Save it.Then compressed the file.Remember to rename it to *.scd.

-Paste it into the /gamedata.Remember to create backup.

-Fire SC(FA) Campaign Mode!

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