A sneaky way to win an Assassination mode game with Cybran is the ACU Teleport Laser strategy, sometimes referred to as the "telemazor".


There are 3 things you must do before pulling off this kill strategy

1. Buy the Microwave Laser Upgrade on your ACU( and preferably the gun upgrade). This will give you the DPS needed to destroy the enemy's commander.

2. Buy the personal teleporter upgrade on your ACU.

3. Scout out the map, and find the enemy's commander.

The Kill

Once the above steps are accomplished, seek out a good time when the enemy is unaware of his commander, preferably when he is still. Then, activate the teleport next to him, and laser his commander to oblivion, along with some Overcharged shots. Make sure that your own commander has >24000 hp, or else you may be putting yourself into a suicidal position.

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