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Cybran icon land1 intel Cybran T1 Land Scout: Mole
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  Fast, lightly armored reconnaissance vehicle. Equipped with a cloaking field.
Build Costs Energy icon -80
Mass icon -8
Time icon 80
Energy icon -10
Max Health Health icon 15
Speed 4.8 (Land)
Intel (Radius) Stealth: Self (cloak only)
Vision: 24
Radar: 45

The Cybran T1 Land Scout, nicknamed the Mole , is a Cybran unit. This is an intelligence unit.

The Mole is the Cybran Nation's land scout. This unit is unarmed and has extremely low hp. It possesses the ability to cloak, and thus is capable of hiding from enemy combat units in the abscence of enemy radar. As a result of these attributes, the mole bears an extreme vulnerability to enemy scout units. One could possibly set up a network of cloaked moles to monitor a radar-less enemy in the early game. Throughout the game moles can be useful to forewarn of enemy attacks.

Physical DescriptionEdit

The Mole is a typical Cybran unit: six spidery legs and angular, pointed components. Its strangest feature is the rounded-off triangular piece set on the back which constantly rotates.

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Cybran Mole
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