Cybran icon ship2 antiair Cybran T2 Cruiser: Siren Class
URS0202 build btn f  s  e
  Anti-air naval vessel. Equipped with AA turrets and short-range rocket platform.
Build Costs Energy icon -18000
Mass icon -2000
Time icon 8000
Max Health Health icon 3000
Speed 4.5 (Water)
Veterancy Cybran veteran icon Kills icon 16 ( Health icon +2/s)
Intel (Radius) Vision: 65
Water Vision: 60
Radar: 150
Sonar: 120
Direct Fire Naval - Projectile
DPS 230
Projectile  Damage
Damage radius
Salvo Size
Reload time
2 Projectiles
1 seconds
Range 80
Anti Air - Projectile
DPS 442
Projectile  Damage
Salvo Size
Reload time
6 Projectiles
1.3 seconds
Range 75
Defense - Beam
DPS 0.5
Beam  Damage
Reload time 2 seconds
Range 50
Direct Fire Naval - Projectile
DPS 180
Projectile  Damage
Salvo Size
Reload time
6 Projectiles (in 1 s)
2 seconds
Range 80

The Cybran T2 Cruiser, nicknamed the Siren Class, is a Cybran unit. This is a cruiser, direct fire unit, anti-air unit, tactical missile defense unit and air support unit.

The Siren is a moderately powerful naval unit with the ability to effectively bombard enemy units on the shore using its Proton Cannon and good radar range. It is unique in this sense, as all other factions' T2 Cruisers lack a powerful main weapon; the Siren's weapon is equal to that of its destroyer counterpart. Its powerful Nanodart Launcher allows it to serve as powerful sea-based AA. Like all cruisers, the Siren Class is particularly susceptible to submarine attack due to its lack of torpedo launchers and anti-torpedoes.

Unlike other factions' cruisers, the Siren Class sports a landing pad where airborne units can land to be repaired and refueled. This ability makes the Siren useful as a mobile staging point. Including a fleet containing at least one Siren under the patrol route of gunships or other patrolling aircraft will allow them to be repaired and refueled, significantly increasing their survivability.

Additionally, the Nanodart Launcher can be reconfigured to attack ground targets, and on paper, gives the Siren a combined dps of 410. However, Nanodart missiles lose their tracking ability when targeting ground units - its inability to consistently hit even stationary ground targets makes it a pointless exercise. Its swarm of rockets still helps with bringing shields down, even though it misses any moving units (and usually most of the buildings as well).

An early Siren on a map with bases open to coastal bombardment can often be a game ending victory, providing enemy subs can be dealt with, as it will be effective against air units as well as anything sent at it on the surface.


A Siren Class Cruiser

Siren insitu

A Siren class cruiser fires its twin Proton cannon

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