Daroza's Sanctuary
Forged Alliance official skirmish map
Daroza's Sanctuary preview
Max Players
Ranked as
Size: 10x10 km
     The Aeon believed this planet had a special connection to The Way, so they built a retreat at the center of the tallest ridge. Their intention was that it would be a place of peace and meditation. Unfortunately, the harsh reality of war arrived and what was once meant to be a place of learning is now a killing field.

Daroza's Sanctuary is an official skirmish map from Forged Alliance. It contains a major Aeon colony in the centre of the map. The map displays Hades-like terrain and climate.

This map is interesting as it has quite spred out mass deposits, including a large number near the centre, and the higher ground is in the middle. This means that an early on, a mobile army and responsive air force are crucial to securing and defending as many mass points as possible, and higher technology units and defenses also prove particularly useful if developed early.

Additionally, mass reclaimables are scattered everywhere on the map. Proper use of engineers to reclaim these stones will allow a massive production of tech 1 land units or a quick upgrade to tech 2 and even tech 3 mass extractors and factories. There are no hydrocarbon plants on this map, so power generators are the only way to produce energy. Especially when upgrading to tech 2 and beyond, the number of required tech 1 power generators is very high.

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