Eye of the Storm
Forged Alliance official skirmish map
Eye of the Storm preview
Max Players
Ranked as
Size: 10x10 km
     A strange anomaly makes Quantum communication difficult with this system. However, that has not prevented both the Coalition and Seraphim/Order from eyeing this planet as a perfect staging ground for secret attacks into enemy territory.

Eye of the Storm is an official skirmish map from Forged Alliance, heavily favoring swift attacks as well as air and sea units. It is a fairly small map with very open space and wide angles of attack, so those who can quickly overwhelm the enemy with swarms of units before they can raise their defenses will win. A good strategy with this map, if the T1 stage is about over and your defenses are up is to make a navy of cruisers and destroyers and set them on the beaches to bombard the enemy base, and possibly pummel the commander into the ground.


you can use the island in the center as a secondary base (if you can control it) if you do so you have 4 mex point and 4 exits for anphibious assults. a good way to defend this point is to get 1 T1 point defence, but only if your enemy is aeon ot they have T2 hovertanks and 1-2 T1 AA turrets. A TML launcher can to bombard the whole map from there.

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