Here you place your tips on good strategies for specific factions.


The UEF is a very balanced force, It does not exsel at anything, but is not bad at anything eather.

  • Rush attack: the UEF is very good for ground rushing early on.
  • T2 field Engineer: A good Unit for quick base set-ups, dont be afrade to send them with your main troops.
  • Defences: T3 PD comes in handy for swarms or Experimentals, whatever your enemy can throw at you.
  • Support commanders: Dont judge them by build time, they can be converted to whatever you would like it to do for you, wheather it be assault or engineer.
  • Always upgrade: Your commanders Zephyr Amplifier, Its quick to upgrade, takes low resorces, and gives a bit of splash damage to your gun.

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