Finn's Revenge
Supreme Commander official skirmish map

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Size: 10x10 km
     Many years ago, a Commander called Finn was defeated and forced to flee. He later drew his opponent to a small island and defeated him. The island has held his name ever since.

Finn's Revenge is a smaller island map with a fair amount of resources, and two main choke points. There are four mass patches on two much smaller islands.

Important Notes Edit

Be careful of the two small islands in the beginning if you play with civlians set to enemy. Each island has a Triad (T2 point defense), T1 radar with a T1 power plant, and a UEF Archer T1 mobile AA. This is enough to fend off early attempts to expand. If civlians are neutral you should capture these as they will give you a nice edge early on.

Strategy Edit

It is important to get an early rush going on this map, by building at least 4 land factories and pumping out level 1 units. Get them over to the choke points, and keep them coming.

Once you have an edge in the battle for the choke points, then you can tech up, to tech 2, and start making your mass extractors tech 2 also. If you can be the first to make 5 or 10 level 2 tanks, that can bust up your opponents economy pretty badly, and quite possibly threaten his ACU (Commander unit)

Aeon has a big advantage on this map, (and most maps with water) because their tech 1 tanks and scouts can travel over water, and shoot at water borne targets (boats). When I am Aeon, I'll send a few tanks to each of the two smaller islands, guarding an engineer, early in the game. The engineers grab the mass patches, and the extra mass can really help your early game attempts at building/rushing your level 1 tanks. Don't forget to circle some of the level one tanks around to the back of his island, and take out his hydrocarbon power plant. He will often put a sea factory in that area, so try to take it out, too. Surprisingly, Aeon level 1 tanks can shoot at submarines, while they are in the water. This seems to be an advantage, too.

One counter to this rushing strategy is making level 1 (or level 2) bombers. This usually starts up once he begins to lose control of one or both choke points. If it looks like your opponent is doing this, you can either make an air factory and churn out interceptors (best approach) or try making tech 2 anti-air vehicles (if you are already at tech 2, which seems unlikely).

This map can be very frustrating if you get behind in the early rushing phase of the game. Once you lose at the choke points, it seems to be a losing battle from there on in. So rush aggressively, and keep rushing until you have control of the choke points. You might try putting you ACU near one of the choke points, but be warned that this will get him killed if it is done at any time other than the very early game.

Trivia Edit

This map was named after Chris Taylor's son. This map is also the only map available in the demo.

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