Four-Leaf Clover
Supreme Commander official skirmish map
Four-Leaf Clover preview
Max Players 4
Size: 10x10 km
     The Cybrans thought they were lucky to find such a pristine, resource-rich area to build a new settlement. The Aeon, however, quickly appeared, followed closely by the UEF. Now the settlement will be lucky to survive the ravages of the Infinite War.

Four-Leaf Clover is an official skirmish map from Supreme Commander. There are many different strategies to use on this map. T1 spam is often common, so it is critical to control you front and back choke point. There is also a lot of mass to reclaim in the center. There is an unofficial 6 player version of this map. A good strategy would be to put a missile launcher behind one of the hills, so it can attack an enemy base without taking artillery/missile damage.

Also having a bunch of artilleries in your defense makes able to attack other défenses

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