Ghosting is an informal tactic that uses a risky bluff to bait your enemies into a trap. It is usually attempted early/mid game, as during late game Omni sensors and a variety of other means (spy planes, scouts) can be used to reveal the bluff.

(Important Note: This technique is best applied in multiplayer. Bots do not apply, for they do not think the same way human players do in-game.)

Definition of GhostingEdit

The way I put it, ghosting is a gambit-blitz attack where a diversion of troops are sent to one side of a base while a larger, more powerful force prepares to flank an enemy. Ghosting can be used for surprise ACU kills, economy crippling, and a variety of other tactics.

Despite its appeal, ghosting is an inadvisable strategy for most, and only the most bold and risk-taking ghost properly. Failure to execute ghosting will burn through mass and energy.

Parts of a GhostEdit

  • Gambit army - an extremely low tier and next-to-useless army of T1 scouts, etc. used to bluff the opponent into thinking it is a large army. Gambit armies usually consist of 50-100 land and/or units, and excel as meatshields in the heat of battle.
  • Ghost army - a small but deadly group of high DPS units. Usually made up of T2-T3 assault bots, while the gambit army "attacks" one side of the base, the ghost army flanks the enemy and destroys them with relative ease. In order to keep the army stealthy, mobile stealth units must be produced, and the force must have less than 20 units for it to actually work. I recommend using T3 assault tanks/bots as their high DPS and health can lay waste to an enemy base.

Early and Mid-GhostingEdit

Early GhostingEdit


  • Enemy bases put into heat very early in game.
  • Enemies will most likely be unprepared.
  • Easy ACU kills if Assassination is enabled.


  • Miserably countered by land scouts and air scouts. Avoid early ghosting if your opponents like to scout. Another method to counter their scouts is to shoot them down as soon as possible.
  • Not cost-effective at this point in the game.

How to Early GhostEdit

Early ghosting can be achieved in a few steps, depending on the availability of land, sea, and air units.

  1. Get a decent economy first - This is vital to any successful ghosting strategy. Without a nice economy, you might end up wasting a whole lot of troops without a steady mass/energy rate.
  2. Build forward bases - Forward bases can assist ghosting, due to their nearness to the enemy radar, allowing the enemies to see your supposed "army."


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