Haven Reef
Forged Alliance official skirmish map
Haven Reef preview
Max Players
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Size: 10x10 km
     Fleeing from the ravages of the Infinite War, Haven Reef was settled by UEF colonists that hoped it would become their refuge. Rich in resources, Haven Reef flourished, but that prosperity was short lived. All records have been lost, but it is believed the colonists perished from an unidentified disease. The UEF denies this rumor and classified all information regarding Haven Reef.

Haven Reef is an official skirmish map from Forged Alliance.

Haven Reef is primarily Naval oriented. It is quite rich in mass and has many natural chokepoints. Land warfare is only a viable option if you occupy the middle area, as both halves of it are connected via a natural bridge. Aeon (as always) and Seraphim have a big advantage on this map as they can send a good number of their tanks or artillery across the water. Also there are random spots along the cliffs that amphibious and hover units can use to scale in and attack. However these spots are very small, so don't expect your Monkeylord or Fatboy to squeeze in. A great strategy is to drop T3 land units onto the rear man's base. (On the peninsula) The idea behind this is to kill the outlying T2 extractors, and since this area is naturally fortified, it's where most players place their T3 power plants. Focus fire on one of these with your siege assault bots, and a chain reaction will cripple your opponent's base. Even if this fails to do major damage, the enemy will waste time rebuilding while you attack with navy or air.

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