High Noon
Supreme Commander official skirmish map
High Noon preview
Max Players 4
Size: 10x10 km
     The gunslingers are long gone, but Commanders looking for a showdown know they'll find one at High Noon.

High Noon is an official skirmish map from Supreme Commander.


Because the two islands are separated by a relatively narrow river, Aeon and Seraphim units have a huge advantage. For other factions, transport drops are extremely effective. Each of the two large islands have a large peninsula at the top or bottom of the map. Cybran and UEF units benefit from a surprise transport drop onto these strips of land, also able to harass mass extractors on the strips. For Aeon and Seraphim players, a direct assault onto the enemy shore with mobile light artillery is the best strategy available. Air superiority is key for all factions as it will allow for easier transport passage or defending from surprise drops. Ghetto gunships and Cybran Jesters are another reason why air superiority is vital. For Cybran and UEF players, the best method of defending against Aeon/Seraphim mobile light artillery is to use frigates. Cybran frigates are fast and agile, and perfect for avoiding artillery shots while their high rate of fire decimates the units. UEF frigates are also good at this job, but Cybran remain superior.

In Aeon Campaign Mission Two, the Southwest remains almost the same, but everywhere else there are random islands scattered around.

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