Hit rate refers to the percentage chance that a shot fired will hit its intended target. This is one of the factors in determining a unit's damage per second.

Hit rate is not the same as accuracy, which only takes into account the aiming of a weapon at the moment it is fired. Unlike most RTSes, Supreme Commander models the trajectory and behavior of each firing of each weapon. Because of this design, hit rate depends on many factors:

  • Weapon accuracy
  • Terrain
  • Passive defenses (shields and walls)
  • Active defenses (TMDs, SMDs, etc)
  • Tracking effectiveness (Missiles and torpedos that home in on targets)
  • Maneuverability of the target
  • Turret aiming speed
  • Area of effect

Bullets and munitions travel in arcs, lasers follow straight lines, missiles track targets, and so on. Any of these may collide with terrain or unintended targets. Although projectile weapons are automatically aimed such that they lead their target, the target may change course while the projectile is on its way. Missiles that change course to track their targets may not be fast or maneuverable enough to catch their prey every time.

Successful players must keep in mind how the terrain and scenario affect the hit rates of their units, which affects their damage per second, and change their tactics accordingly.

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