Don't you just hate it when you play a 4v4 Rush/Horde ai match on Seton's Clutch, then after a while you are on 20K or so points while evryone else is on 999K or whatever points? Here's a basic way to get that score even with those computers.

1. Infinite Build + Patrol RoutesEdit

If you have a good enough economy, you can build a collection of factories (any kind will do) and tech them up to T3. Once this is done, pause them, set them to infinite loop and choose what units you want the factory(ies) to pump out continiously. Once this is done, set a patrol route through the target area (i.e.: an enemy base) then unpause it. If you have the economy to support this, your factories should be sending units at the enemy indefinetly, giving you better ground control. After this, you can make more economy structures and produce experimentals to assist the endless swarm.

Note: This strategy is best done with varying tech levels of units, that way, you will always have units moving to the enemy base.

Proved and approved vs AI Adaptive.

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