This technique is meant to give your flat, lifeless plateaus and hills a nice subtle rolling-hills effect. here is some pictures of the map i will work on:

The whole map, untouched by our technique: Before noslope

the slope data for our map before we edit it: Before withslope

Now, go to the elevation layer, select the Heightmap editing tool, and pick one of the Peaks brushes. Set the strength to about 0.05 and the size to 40, like this:

Toolbox roughening

Now, go around brushing the map with it, going for only a small, but a very rocky elevation increase.

The whole map after applying the brush: After noslope

the slope map after applying the brush: After withslope

a closeup of the map after applying the brush (note the pronounced striations in the landscape): After closeup

Then switch to the filter tab and select the Unsharp128 brush. Set the strength to 1 and the size to whatever is necessary to reach all the areas that you "rocky-ized" and blur them until stuff is able to be built on them (you can find this out by selecting View > Debug > Slope, the green color is what you can build on).

Toolbox blurtool

Now, your terrain looks much more like real terrain!

The whole map when i am done:

Blurred noslope

the slope data when i am done:

Blurred withslope

a closeup of the maap when i am done (note the striations are much more subtle): Blurrred closeup

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