Liberiam Battles
Forged Alliance official skirmish map
Liberiam Battles preview
Max Players 8
Size: 20x20 km
     When the Seraphim first arrived, they were uncertain this galaxy's resources would be sufficient to power their war machines, so they seeded this planet with rare Liberiam crystals. However, Order scientists eventually convinced the Seraphim that local Mass resources would be able to handle all of their resource demands.

Liberiam Battles is an official skirmish map from Forged Alliance. It is symmetrical in all four quarters, and is oriented for major sea, air, and hovering land unit battles. Glittering crystals pepper the land spaces, which are reclaimable and provide an aesthetic element to the map as well as additional Mass. Seraphim and Aeon units are the best to use on this map, since many of their land units hover and can cross the lake in the center of the map.

Despite hovering land units being able to cross the water eaily, sending masses of land units across the map is generally a bad strategy, as the map is so large. Nuclear missiles, air superiority fighters, and artillery are preferable to use and generally the best units to build when playing on this large map.

Playing as UEF on Liberiam BattlesEdit

While not a map that generally favors UEF players, the Fatboy and the Billy Tactical Nuke ACU upgrade can both find great use on this map. By placing the Fatboy beside the shoreline near the narrow water channel between you and your closest enemy you can rip through their units the instant they hit the water, as well as deny them a prime location for a Naval Factory, forcing them to build in the more exposed central lake instead. In addition, this gives you an excellent spot to produce Percivals with a drastically shorter travel time into his base. Using SCU's with shield dome upgrades to assist your Fatboy are advised, but not required. As to the Billy, its range is just barely larger than the distance between the water channel and the starting location. This means you can trot your ACU into the water and then fire the Billy directly into his base from relative safety. If combinded with the Fatboy area denial strategy above (as well as some decent submarine cover) this is practically a guaranteed kill against that player. This also has the other added benefit that the water will help to shield your own ACU from the blast, should your opponent have a Loyalist you don't notice and redirect it back at you. Of course, if your other opponents fail to take notice this strategy and/or steps to prevent the same happening to them, you can move your Fatboy and ACU to your nearby ally's shore and repeat the same against HIS closest enemy, quickly wiping out not just two enemy commanders, but half of two teams. This has the added advantage of the remaining two now-solo teams being closer to the two players across from you on the map, causing them to focus more on them than your team.

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