A list of Mods for Supreme Commander. NOTE: This list is certainly not complete.

Minor modsEdit

AI modsEdit

  • AI Name T4 Units
  • Cheating AI
  • Sorian/Jaws2002 AI Merge Pack
  • ThirdlawPlus AI

Balance modsEdit

  • The Aeon Czar Buff
  • Beefed Up Experimentals
  • BigO's New Air Superiority Fighters Mod
  • Devastating Nuke Mod
  • Enhanced_ACU
  • Exavier's Mod Collection
  • Power Generator Enhancer
  • Strike Fighters

Gameplay modsEdit

  • AA also AG
  • Cloak(ing/ed) Buildings/Generators Mod
  • Divide Unit Cap
  • DoubleTime
  • Extended Adjacency
  • Graduated Game
  • No Nukes
  • Terrain Deform
  • TVG (Total Veterancy)
  • Underwater Structures
  • Weight of Fire

GFX modsEdit

New unitsEdit

  • Aeon Voyeur
  • Bonomel's Airborne Engineers
  • Ennui
  • Hades Laser Gunship
  • LH
  • Mass Cannon
  • Mo' Def, Mo' Storages
  • Quantum Gate Teleporters
  • Seige Shields
  • Siege Tank
  • Siege Walls
  • Slightly Obese Boy

UI modsEdit

  • Advanced Groups Mod
  • Build Patterns
  • Factory Toggles
  • MegaMapMod
  • ()((()'s Interface Mod
  • SCA UI Mod
  • SCU Manager
  • Sequentially Upgrading Mass Extractors
  • UI Template Rotator
  • UI Mass Fab Manager
  • UI miniaturisation with Draggable UI blocks
  • Unit Cam
  • Supreme Score Board

Major modsEdit

Total ConversionsEdit

External linksEdit

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