This is a list of all of the strategic icons (different from all of the strategic icons that the game uses)(the library is somewhat limited on this site so i have to leave out the ones with nothing in the center, just replace the last line with generic)(leave off the Uef portion as that is only used to reference one on this site):


Table of Strategic Icons
Bomber Air Unit Gunship/Transport Assault Bot Land Unit Factory Structure Surface Vessel Underwater Vessel
Direct Fire Uef icon bomber directfire Uef icon bomber1 directfire

Uef icon bomber2 directfire Uef icon bomber3 directfire

Uef icon fighter directfire Uef icon fighter1 directfire

Uef icon fighter2 directfire Uef icon fighter3 directfire

Uef icon gunship directfire Uef icon gunship1 directfire

Uef icon gunship2 directfire Uef icon gunship3 directfire

Uef icon bot directfire Uef icon bot1 directfire

Uef icon bot2 directfire Uef icon bot3 directfire

Uef icon land directfire Uef icon land1 directfire

Uef icon land2 directfire Uef icon land3 directfire

- Uef icon structure directfire Uef icon structure1 directfire

Uef icon structure2 directfire Uef icon structure3 directfire

Uef icon ship directfire Uef icon ship1 directfire

Uef icon ship2 directfire Uef icon ship3 directfire

Uef icon sub directfire Uef icon sub1 directfire

Uef icon sub2 directfire Uef icon sub3 directfire

Anti-Air - Uef icon fighter antiair Uef icon fighter1 antiair

Uef icon fighter2 antiair Uef icon fighter3 antiair

- - Uef icon land antiair Uef icon land1 antiair

Uef icon land2 antiair Uef icon land3 antiair

- Uef icon structure antiair Uef icon structure1 antiair

Uef icon structure2 antiair Uef icon structure3 antiair

Uef icon ship antiair Uef icon ship1 antiair

Uef icon ship2 antiair Uef icon ship3 antiair

Anti Navy Uef icon bomber antinavy Uef icon bomber1 antinavy

Uef icon bomber2 antinavy Uef icon bomber3 antinavy

- - - - - Uef icon structure antinavy Uef icon structure1 antinavy

Uef icon structure2 antinavy Uef icon structure3 antinavy

Uef icon ship antinavy Uef icon ship1 antinavy

Uef icon ship2 antinavy Uef icon ship3 antinavy

Uef icon sub antinavy Uef icon sub1 antinavy

Uef icon sub2 antinavy Uef icon sub3 antinavy

Land - - - - - Uef icon factory land Uef icon factory1 land

Uef icon factory2 land Uef icon factory3 land

Uef icon structure land Uef icon structure1 land

Uef icon structure2 land Uef icon structure3 land

- -
Air - - - - - Uef icon factory air Uef icon factory1 air

Uef icon factory2 air Uef icon factory3 air

Uef icon structure air Uef icon structure1 air

Uef icon structure2 air Uef icon structure3 air

Uef icon ship air Uef icon ship1 air

Uef icon ship2 air Uef icon ship3 air

Naval - - - - - Uef icon factory naval Uef icon factory1 naval

Uef icon factory2 naval Uef icon factory3 naval

Uef icon structure naval Uef icon structure1 naval

Uef icon structure2 naval Uef icon structure3 naval

- -
Intel - Uef icon fighter intel Uef icon fighter1 intel

Uef icon fighter2 intel Uef icon fighter3 intel

- - Uef icon land intel Uef icon land1 intel

Uef icon land2 intel Uef icon land3 intel

- Uef icon structure intel Uef icon structure1 intel

Uef icon structure2 intel Uef icon structure3 intel

Uef icon ship intel Uef icon ship1 intel

Uef icon ship2 intel Uef icon ship3 intel

Counter Intel - - - - Uef icon land counterintel Uef icon land1 counterintel

Uef icon land2 counterintel Uef icon land3 counterintel

- Uef icon structure counterintel Uef icon structure1 counterintel

Uef icon structure2 counterintel Uef icon structure3 counterintel

- -
Transport Unit - - Uef icon gunship transport Uef icon gunship1 transport

Uef icon gunship2 transport Uef icon gunship3 transport

- - - Uef icon structure transport Uef icon structure1 transport

Uef icon structure2 transport Uef icon structure3 transport

- -
Artillery - - - - Uef icon land artillery Uef icon land1 artillery

Uef icon land2 artillery Uef icon land3 artillery

- Uef icon structure artillery Uef icon structure1 artillery

Uef icon structure2 artillery Uef icon structure3 artillery

- -
Engineer - - - - Uef icon land engineer Uef icon land1 engineer

Uef icon land2 engineer Uef icon land3 engineer

- Uef icon structure1 engineerUef icon structure2 engineerUef icon structure3 engineer - -
Missile Launcher - - - - Uef icon land missile Uef icon land1 missile

Uef icon land2 missile Uef icon land3 missile

- Uef icon structure missile Uef icon structure1 missile

Uef icon structure2 missile Uef icon structure3 missile

- Uef icon sub missile Uef icon sub1 missile

Uef icon sub2 missile Uef icon sub3 missile

Anti Missile - - - - - - Uef icon structure antimissile Uef icon structure1 antimissile

Uef icon structure2 antimissile Uef icon structure3 antimissile

- -
Shield - - - - Uef icon land1 shieldUef icon land2 shieldUef icon land3 shield - Uef icon structure shield Uef icon structure1 shield

Uef icon structure2 shield Uef icon structure3 shield

- -
Energy Generation - - - - - - Uef icon structure energy Uef icon structure1 energy

Uef icon structure2 energy Uef icon structure3 energy

- -
Mass Production - - - - - - Uef icon structure mass Uef icon structure1 mass

Uef icon structure2 mass Uef icon structure3 mass

- -
Generic - - - - - - Uef icon structure wall - -

Understanding the strategic iconsEdit

These icons look neat, but what do they mean? this section explains how to understand and make use of the strategic icons by listing what icon means what: (please note that if you can explain an icon/insignia better, feel free)

Center of icon insigniasEdit

  • Crosshairs: Direct Fire
  • a T with the horizontal line elevated from the vertical line: Anti Navy
  • a top half of a hollow diamond: air staging facility/air factory
  • hollow diamond: land factory
  • bottom half of a hollow circle: naval factory
  • top third of a hollow circle: anti-air
  • three lines forming an upside-down triangle: intel
  • top half of a square with a bar hanging down from the center: transport unit
  • small solid diamond: artillery
  • six dots forming an upside-down triangle: counter intel
  • sideways E: engineer
  • vertical bar: missile launcher
  • top half of a hollow circle with bars extending from either end: shield
  • vertical bar with breaks above and below center: anti missile
  • horizontal/diagonal lightning bolt: energy generation
  • hollow square/top half of semi-circle with dot below: mass production
  • none: generic

Note: intel and counter intel were originally full upside-down triangles, solid and hollow, respectively. This was changed in an unspecified patch.

icon shapesEdit

  • obtuse isosceles triangle: Bomber aircraft
  • acute isosceles triangle: Aircraft
  • trapezoid: Transport or Gunship Aircraft
  • hexagon: Assault Bot
  • diamond: Land Unit
  • horizontal rectangle: Factory
  • square: Structure
  • small square: Civilian Structure/Unit or a Wall Section
  • top semi-circle: Surface Vessel
  • bottom semi-circle: Submarine
  • octagon: Experimental unit (this icon is always "hollow")
  • figure: Armored Command Unit or Support Command Unit (this icon is also always "hollow")

"tabs" below icon Edit

These are the small white tabs seen under all strategic icons to indicate their tech level.

  • none: only seen on ACUs, support ACUs, and Experimentals.
  • one: tech one
  • two: tech two
  • three: tech three

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