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NOTICE: GPG Net for SC:Vanilla and FA is now offline, visit the GPG forums ( for more information. If you wish to play multiplayer Forged Alliance visit Forged Alliance Forever, a free option for FA multiplayer.
NEWS: The Nomads has been released on Forged Alliance Forever for public use. There is now a FIFTH faction.
Disclaimer: Just so everyone knows the unit values in the unit listings are outdated, probably they are patch 3599 values, so they are outdated right now.
Please note that this wiki is for official canon only. If you want to post fanon content we suggest you go here. Thank you.

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A ghetto gunship is a transport loaded with LABs (T1 light assault bots) that can fire from the transport. The unit has high dps but is vulnerable to flak that will destroy unprotected LABs. (More...)

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Cybran soul ripper1--screenshot

The Cybran "Soul Ripper" is an Experimental gunship with counter air missiles and strong land guns. The Soul Ripper came from Supreme Commander 1 and continued in Supreme Commander Forged Alliance, and then eventually the model was changed in Supreme Commander 2.


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