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The starting point markerEdit

Nothing much to say here, except that the AI might have trouble (e.g. doesn't move) when it is placed on unusable terrain (indicated by a brown colour of the symbol in hazardx's editor). HazardX stated that these dark-red markers still might work, though. I might need to make some more tests about that...


The island markerEdit

Scathis (the main GPG AI developer) stated that the AI only builds expansion bases on islands if the island marker is on that island. So if you want the AI to build factories on a second island : Use them. Defense markers however will work without the island marker.


The mass markerEdit

Same as the starting point marker: Make sure you place it on useable terrain and there will be no problems. Btw, interestingly Seton's Clutch has some unusable (for the AI) mass markers.

Note: Another hack to insert invisible mass markers (to the AI), is by using a script, in the mapname_script.lua file. This hack has only been tested with original Supreme Commander AIs.. Read more, and example here: Script: Spawn resource matrices at spawn points.


The hydrocarbon markerEdit

See A and C, nothing much to say.


The combat zone markerEdit

The AI uses them as very-low-priority waypoints, if the AI has scouted an area or a fight is happening close-by, the AI will skip this marker completely and even "forget" about it. Still, the marker is very useful to help the AI find it's way, especially on large maps. And place one in the starting positions to provide a basic waypoint for the AI. Sorian further explained that the combat zone markers serve as "fail-safe" waypoints for the AI as well, if it hasn't enough recon-data it will scout or move to these markers.


The defense point markerEdit

The AI will build turrets and walls at these points, multiple of them are possible and even desired. One thing, though: Try to place rally points in FRONT of them, if you place them BEHIND them units will get stuck. Leave enough place between these two markers, too. HazardX has observed that the defenses MIGHT be facing into the direction of the next attack zone marker, again more testing is required here...


The rally point markerEdit

The default AI will use multiple markers if you add them, the Sorian AI not (v1.4). It won't hurt to add multiple of them. Just like defense markers, simply place them on locations from where the enemy might attack. The defense marker and the rally point marker are the most important markers. The rally points seem to work for naval factories, too. (see J for special placement tips)


The experimental markerEdit

The AI will build (AIR) experimentals preferably at those points. Multiple markers won't hurt, but more than 2 per player should not be needed, as the AI will build Experimentals at random locations even when all the marked positions are used. According to Sorian these markers are used for Air experimentals only. For Land Experimantals the AI uses rally points, and Naval Experimentals use naval makers.


The expansion point markerEdit

The AI wil build factories, turrets and bases there ONCE the area is secure. If you want the AI to build expansion-bases on islands: Add the island marker! Be creative with their placement. Multiple markers per player possible and wanted. Placement of defense and other markers close-by makes sense.


The naval area markerEdit

Nothing special (the AI will build naval factories and defenses there), but the placement is VERY tricky. If you place it too close to the beach units will get stuck. If you place it at a cliff, the AI will not be able to reach the point at all (see Seton's Clutch). If you place it too far away the AI will consider it low-priority. And remember that the AI will build multiple naval factories and defenses, make sure there is plenty of room where you place it. And add attackzone markers/rally point markers to help the extremely weak naval unit pathfinding a bit. And remember that the ships are built on the left side of the naval factories. If a beach is to the left, too, units might get stuck!

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