Matar is a planet controlled by the UEF and is considered a paradise world. It was here where Captain Zachary Arnold fell in battle and joined the Aeon Illuminate.

  • Name: Matar
  • Faction: United Earth Federation
  • Description: Prime World
  • Terrain: Forests, Oceans
  • Diameter: 13349Km
  • Mean temperature: 23 Celsius
  • Climate: Temperate
  • Population: 5723600
  • Resources: High
  • Pressure: 3.2 atmospheres
  • Composition:

30.6 Fe

26.5 O

19.2 Si

15.7 Mg

2.3 Ni

1.8 S

0.25 Ti

  • Atmosphere:

74.5 N

23.5 O

0.7 Ar

1.1 C


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