Hello, this page is to help you win in almost any match.

First off, I will cover PC strategies along with XBOX Strategies. Let's Start.


Ok to start a successfull campaign (this is for missions 3+) the most basic thing is to set up your economic system.

A good tactic is to build Power Generators before Mass Extractors as Mass Extractors require power.

You should build 2 power generators for each pair of Mass Extractors so you have enough power for your extractors and then some.

After that build 1 land factory (get adjacency bonus if possible) build 2 engeneers and have them construct some extra Generators/Extractors.

While your Engineers are building start sending out scouts to be aware of whats around you.

When you feel comfortable with whats around you I recommend start building defenses.

Then Order your engineers to build a radar at the middle of your base.

Have your ACU build a Air and Naval factory.

Upgrade a few techs and follow these and you should be on your way for a successful campaign.


Moving on to a Skirmish before I start I will tell you that this is FAR diffrent from the campaign strategy.

You shoul first build 1 mass extractor and 1 land factory at the start then 2 power generators start pumping out engineers and building the economy.

Once you have at least 3-6 engineers build defenses and walls never know when you can get hit and it be a fatal blow.

When Defenses are up start to build small strikeforces and have them stationed around the map.

Upgrade your land factory to tech 2 build 3 t2 engineers and build air and naval factorys remember your economy.

Start to build shields and power generators to assist in your defense agaisnt incoming troops

Once you have some t3 engineers,Upgraded ACU or a Support ACU build Experimentals and crush those enemys (remember air,naval and land attacks to overcome defenses).


Now before I start this is a unexplainable help guide as its always diffrent so I can't say much but I can say this:

Always start with a few power and extractors

Build Factories quickly

Scout ahead

and Defend your ACU.

Thats really all I can say about this folks but good luck.

Xbox-360 CampaignEdit

Ok we have the Console this time things arent that diffrent but I mean its always helpful right?

Heh heh ok lets start.

First off the controls-

Right on D-Pad=Build menu

Up on D-Pad=Unit Control Menu

L stick movement of the camera

R stick rotation of the camer

A Select/Move

Thats the most important stuff.

Ok Same Story but I recommend Messing with the Sensitivity for the Controller because well we all know that strategy games were not really made for consoles.

Start with some Building Extractors and Power like above Power first it helps with early starting.

Factorys build some Engineers build Radar and Defense

Scout the area

Then build small army forces and strike the defenses of the enemy then take the entire base out with a larger force

Good Luck Commander!


Now this is probably the best place for beginners to test their skill.

Execpt for the Tutorial of course.

Start by 2 Mass Extractors and 3 power gen. Build a factorys (Land or Air at the start) Build Engineers then gradully building your skill look above for more help.

Xbox-360 OnlineEdit

Basic stuff Kids!

I can't say much just like above because its online with Non Bots so it always diffrent but these can help:


Land Factory

Make Engineers


Build Defenses

Pick off small parts of the base gradually

Experamentals will crush the foe (almost always unless he has experimentals and so forth you under stand the crap im saying right? heh heh heh)

That my Friends is a good way to Win in almost every MatchEdit


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