UEF Major Aiko

Captain Michelle Aiko

Captain Michelle Aiko is a junior military officer in the United Earth Federation.

A career soldier, Aiko went directly into the military academy as soon as she came of age. A solid student and Commander, Aiko graduated as a lieutenant and spent several years in the field, earning several commendations for bravery.

Aiko is not widely regarded as a brilliant Commander, but she has earned a reputation for dogged perseverance and a willingness to risk life and limb to accomplish her objectives. Her crowning moment came at the Battle of Thompson's Ridge, where she held off a seemingly overwhelming Aeon attack with nothing but her ACU and a handful of Pillar Heavy Tanks. She was rewarded for her heroic actions during that battle with a promotion to Captain.

After being critically injured during a Cybran raid, Aiko was removed from frontline command. Unwilling to accept her new position, she repeatedly volunteered for active duty and was eventually selected as Head-of-Security for a top-secret UEF installation on Earth.

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