This is a description of the mixed arms strategy. The UEF depends on a good mix of all of their units.

The first reason for this is because enemies will easily counter masses of just one unit type. For every such attack force the UEF sends, there is a straightforward counter. Air assaults and point defenses are frequently the primary threat. UEF relies more on a mixed army because their units are not particularly good at fending off those threats. For example, Aeon MMLs and Cybran MMLs are much better than UEF MMLs because they have a superior ROF and a larger range. To compensate for this, UEF MMLs need to get closer and must survive longer by using mixed arms. Specifically, UEF MMLs need an escort of a few mobile shield generators and T2 tanks, and if an air situation arises T2 Mobile AA.

Another reason for the need for mixed units is the balance of unit power. UEF units have higher health than other factions at all levels. However, their units aren't as accurate as the Cybran's, and their weapons aren't as powerful as the Aeon's.

Tech 1 Mixed Units Edit

Battles are sometimes decided in the T1 stage of the game. It is a chance to extend map control and gain more resources, so it is vital. In a fight between equal numbers of Strikers and Auroras, the Auroras will win because of their larger range. Countering this disadvantage requires scouting to see incoming threats, as well as air support interceptors backed up by Archers. This gives control of the skies, allowing Scorchers to kill any mass of enemy forces.

A straightforward way of attempting to control the sea is building masses of T1 submarines. The UEF's Thunderhead frigates are quite useful. Their radar jamming ability is very handy as most sea battles are won by superior intelligence. The radar jamming ability causes a lone Thunderhead to show up on enemy radar as several units. This may cause an enemy to avoid an engagement with what appears to be a superior force. They also cause enemy units to fire on units that don't exist, lowering their effective DPS. Combining Thunderheads with groups of submarines gives a good starting naval force that is much more effective than submarines alone. This force can dominate the seas and bombard coast targets. Even when tech 2 naval units are available, the combination of tech 1 submarines and Thunderheads is still a useful addition to the navy.

Tech 2 Mixed Units Edit

At tech 2, mixed arms become more interesting because there are more combinations of units that complement each other well.

On the ground, an army of Pillars, while very intimidating, are easy targets for the gunships which are introduced at this tech level. An escort of Sky boxers (improved mobile AA) can reduce that threat. The Flapjack Mobile Missile Launcher are used to crack a defensive line of Point Defenses and is quite capable of killing units. As with other categories of units, UEF MMLs are not particularly good units compared to other factions' MMLs, though they do have more HP. As before, The UEF needs a balanced army because there is a counter for everything. To balance that, the UEF needs to counter those counters. Central to this is the Parashield, the UEF's mobile shield unit, as it counters almost everything when it is part of a group of mixed arms. Mobile shielding is very important to almost any strategy.

In the air, tech 2 includes the Stinger gunship and the Stork torpedo bomber (while the stork seems useful, it requires large amounts of units to be useful due to the physics of how it flies). They are very good aircraft, and in the case of the Stork highly specialized. However they are also very vulnerable. Stingers make an excellent escort to a ground assault force when attacking big ground forces. Interceptors are able to rapidly destroy gunships, so they need some defense against them. The Stork has a very important role in the battle for naval domination. These planes can hit any sea based unit and if there is a fleet with relatively little AA a few of these will sink the whole fleet, even the submarines. However, like the gunship they are very vulnerable to any enemy interceptor sortie.

Hopefully at tech 2 the UEF has gained control of the seas by the time it reaches tech 2. If not, a mass of tech 1 submarines will benefit from a mix of tech 2 units. Specifically, escorts of Storks provide more attacking power, and Governor Class cruisers defend against enemy torpedo bombers and gunships. Valiant Class destroyers also have anti-sub capabilities. These can protect from counterattacks by submarines while the rest of the mix destroys those submarines. A mixed and balanced navy eventually gains control of the seas, and it's a more effective, though more expensive, way to govern the seas. With control of the seas, Valiants can bombard enemy land targets.

Tech 3 Mixed Units Edit

At T3 the idea of "Mixed Arms" seems to wane slightly.

This is because of the introduction of the SAB's (Siege Assault Bots). SAB's are the jack of all trades in the army. However they have no AA but they dominate the ground so building these is a must but instead of focusing on them build a few T2 AA units because SAB's are easily countered from an air assault. Building the T3 Mobile Artillery can be worthwhile but only when used when the enemy is boxed in. They are not defensive units. If you do use the T3 Mobile Artillery you will definitely want an escort as they take a while to deploy and fire. Mobile Artillery must be deployed before they can fire. This takes a while and it is at a very vulnerable state in the process. A good solution to the long range problem for Forged Alliance is the new MMP (Mobile Missile Platform). The MMP's do not deploy and launch missiles which track enemy units making it an extremely useful addition to any UEF army.

It is possible to mix the SABs of the Cybran and UEF with their Armored Assault Bot counterparts. In the UEF's case, The Percival has hard-hitting capabilities, but lacks the ability to take on masses of other units. The UEF Titan is good at taking on swarms, but does not have the necessary firepower to take on point defenses and experimentals as much as the Percival, so they cover each others' weaknesses respectively. In the Cybran case, The Brick is basically just a better Loyalist, but the EMP effect from a Loyalist death could be of sufficient use to the Bricks, such as taking on a Galactic Colossus.

Tech 4 Mixed Units Edit

Most players at T4 (experimental) do not mix units,and usually just spam one kind of unit due to limited unit selection. However,there are factional advantages depending on the experimentals in a mixed group.

Here are some examples:

Cybran - Megaliths accompanied by Monkeylords; while one might spam Megaliths due to power or the Monkeylord due to cost effectiveness, putting them together does have one obvious advantage - because the Megalith has over twice that of a Monkeylord, sending them in before the Monkeylords as shields and have the Monkeylords as fire support is extremely effective. While the Monkeylord has lower DPS, it is much easier to build and after the Megalith(s) have punched through a defense line, they are free to tear up an enemy position and their low HP becomes insignificant.

United Earth Federation - Not one is known, due to the only direct fire experimental available to the UEF is the Fatboy. Possibly using a Mavor to pummel defense lines to let the Fatboys through could be a useful combination.

Aeon - A Galactic Colossus has no anti-sub or anti-air weaponry, so having a Tempest or CZAR accompany it on it's journey to an enemy position as an escort is viable. However, submarines and ASFs are more efficient at defending from air units and naval units.

Like the UEF, the Seraphim don't have more than one direct fire unit. You could try sending a Ythotha into a base to destroy shields and AA so your Ahwassa bomber [hopefully escorted with a few Sinntha bombers and Vulthoo gunships] to finish off the base. Another tactic is to use the Yolona Oss to demolish a navy and move your underwater Ythotha to the shore to terrorize the base.

Inter-tier Mixed UnitsEdit

(coming soon)

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