Service Structures Edit

provides construction opportunities in a large radius around its location (unique building)
Forward Operating Base
provides limited construction opportunities (e.g. support structures and defense installations)
Power Plant
supplies energy

Production Facilities Edit

produces infantry units
produces ground vehicles
produces, repairs and resupplies helicopters
Service Hangar
spawns, repairs and resupplies airplanes (requires airfield)

Support Structures Edit

Field Hospital
heals infantry units
repairs and resupplies ground vehicles
Construction Depot
repairs and reconstructs buildings in its immediate vicinity; when destroyed, buildings will not be repaired or rebuilt automatically
significantly extends lock-on range for anti-air defense

Defense Installations Edit

Guard Tower
effective against infantry, increased sight radius
Rocket Turret
effective against vehicles
Anti-Aircraft Artillery
rapid-firing anti-aircraft gun
SAM Site
anti-aircraft missiles

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