Gaining Superiority Edit

Gaining naval superiority is fairly simple. While following this strategy, an air force should also be built to assist in the attack. First, build three Naval Factories. This will give a good building capacity, and room to upgrade one at a time to T2 or T3. When the factories are completed, begin repeat-building T1 Attack Submarines and send them in small groups to choke points or patrols. This will give easy dominance over the enemy, since submarines can attack all naval units, while most of the enemy units will not be able to retaliate. Also, stationing some submarines near the shore of the enemy base will give information of amphibious and air activity, and destroy any enemy attempts at building naval factories and therefore a navy.

Offence Edit

Once naval dominance and a T2/T3 economy has been attained, the three naval factories should be upgraded to T3.

Using one factory, build 3-5 T3 Battleships for UEF, Cybran, and Seraphim, or T3 Missile Ships for Aeon. These will be the capital ships for attacking the enemy base.

Note: As Aeon, T3 Missile Ships are mostly useless if the enemy has built Aeon T2 Tactical Missile Defence. Scout the enemy base to find if this precaution has been taken. If it has, then they will either need to be destroyed, or build T3 Battleships instead of T3 Missile Ships.

With another factory, repeat-build T2 Cruisers. This will provide Anti-air support for the capital ship, which has little or none of its own.

With the final factory, continue to repeat build T1 Attack Submarines for UEF, or T2 Sub Hunter for Cybran and Aeon. For Seraphim, either T1 Attack Submarines or T3 Submarine Hunter can be built. Despite having very effective torpedoes, good AA, and cheap costs, the Hunter has a long build-time.

When all of the capital ships are built, send them, along with the escort or T2 Cruisers and Submarines to destroy the enemy base. There should be enough firepower to cause alot of damage if not destroy the base and the enemy commander in the process.

Units in This ArticleEdit

UEF Cybran Aeon Seraphim

Uef icon sub1 antinavyT1 Attack Submarine: Tigershark
Uef icon ship2 antiairT2 Cruiser: Governor Class
Uef icon ship3 directfireT3 Battleship: Summit Class

Cybran icon sub1 antinavyT1 Attack Submarine: Sliver
Cybran icon sub2 antinavyT2 Submarine Killer: Barracuda
Cybran icon ship2 antiairT2 Cruiser: Siren Class
Cybran icon ship3 directfireT3 Battleship: Galaxy Class

Aeon icon sub1 antinavyT1 Attack Submarine: Sylph
Aeon icon sub2 antinavyT2 Submarine Hunter: Vesper
Aeon icon ship2 antiairT2 Cruiser: Infinity Class
Aeon icon ship3 directfireT3 Battleship: Omen Class
Aeon icon ship3 missileT3 Missile Ship: Torrent Class

Seraphim icon sub1 antinavyT1 Attack Submarine: Sou-istle
Seraphim icon ship2 antiairT2 Cruiser: Ithalua
Seraphim icon sub3 antinavyT3 Submarine Hunter: Yathsou
Seraphim icon ship3 directfireT3 Battleship: Hauthuum

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