Nuclear missiles are a fusion of hideously powerful explosives, and cruise missiles. The nukes used in Supreme Commander are "clean", as radiation is a useless tactic against machines.

Nuclear weaponsEdit

Nuclear weapons work by crushing a hollow sphere of highly enriched Plutonium or Uranium into a ball of Beryllium. This causes the heavy element's atoms to split, releasing devastating ammounts of energy.

Cruise missilesEdit

Cruise missiles have two distinct styles, Strategic, which achieve infinite range by travelling over the stratosphere, and have a proportionately devastating blast radius, or Tactical, which have a comparatively short range, and a smaller blast radius. The marriage of these long range-and large-missiles to Nuclear bombs is a match made in hell, allowing a strike of devastating consequence to be made from far off with little chance of retaliation.

Silos and superheavy artilleryEdit

A silo is a storage and production facility for strategic nuclear missiles. The missiles must be purchased from the silo itself. Superheavy artillery is an artillery emplacement firing an anti-matter artillery shell at long range like the Mavor, Demolisher, and the Duke.

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