Primary Missions:Edit

  • Repair the Research Facility at Lima Foxtrot
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    A decent challenge but not too difficult if you keep up your base defences and focus more on groud-based units and mobile AA.

  • Build an Air Factory
  • Build a Transport
  • Defeat Aeon Assault
  • Get Units To Luthien Colony(20 Tanks, 14 Anti-Air, and 12 Gunships)
  • Evacuate Luthien Colony
  • Defeat Aeon Commander ( Min )
  • Defend Lima Foxtrot

Secondary Missions:Edit

  • Defeat All Aeon Patrols
  • Destroy Aeon Light Radar Installations
  • Destroy Aeon Factories

Planet: Luthien

NOTE: The following guide deals only with main objectives.



You're supposed to be joined by Col. Arnold in this mission, but his ACU had been gated on the "wrong side of the continent' so he can't join you in the battle, but will advise you.

You will be gated in on the north-western side of the map and will receive an order to repair the Research Facility at Station Lima Foxtrot, and you will have only a forty minute time limit to get that done. Quickly build up your base with mass extractors, power generators and factories and start producing some engineers to help with construction. Also build some basic defenses to fend of early rush attacks by the Aeon commander. You will need to build an air factory and construct a transport to carry an engineer and/or ACU to repair the station. After it's done, build up an army to clear the way for your lightly armored transport to the station and repair it.

Note: A good idea would be to build several transports as decoys just in case they being caught by stray interceptors, as T1 transports are very fragile. Or build an air factory next to the cliff.


After that's finished, you will have to defeat an Aeon assault on the station, don't worry about it because you will be granted the use of T2 PDs and AA to defeat them, but still construct some T1 PDs just in case the enemy gets to close for comfort. Build T2 PDs and AA at your main base and leave it for the time being. The Aeon assault will come in the forms of T1 units and T2 transports and occasionally Spectres. Your defenses will mow them down like there is nothing' there. Rebuild and repair if necessary.


After that 6 to 7 minute battle, you will be ordered to evacuate Luthien colony, so send your entire T1 army to the colony and start pumping out gunships and upgrade your Mass extractors to support them.( In my case, I've built 4 Factories each with 2 T2 engineers assisting them pumping out 4 gunships every 1 minute.) After enough units reached the colony, you will be given control of 8 civilian trucks, the entire colony to be exact, and ordered to reach Station Lima Foxtrot. The trick is to use your Stingers' transport ability to transport all of the trucks, 1 in each gunship, escorted by interceptors or mobile anti-air, to the station and the mission will be over in less than 3 minutes! IF you do it correctly. There is also a secondary objective which you are tasked in destroying three short range radar stations, do this with 2 gunships will be enough. While you do this, build up your T1 army as best as you can, you'll need them soon enough....


Here's where the fun begins......You will be tasked with Eliminating the Aeon Commander and you will be granted access to ALL T2 units, except the amphibious tank, so start spamming them on the battlefield!!! The longer you wait in this objective, the stronger and more heavily defended your enemy will be. First, order all of your gunships to go near the vicinity of the Aeon Commanders' main base, but be careful to stay away from the interceptors prowling around her base!!The Aeon Commander has a near impregnable defensive line to the west and north of her base(WITH SHIELDS AND T2 PDs and AA!!!!) but leaves her T2 power generators undefended to the south eastern part of her base, perfect!!! Remember the T1 army you were building up? Use them to smash through the power generators to take down the shields whilst your entire T2 army attacks from the Northern defensive line, with the shields going on and off, your army should make short work of the defesive line but are sure to be destroyed by the sheer number of T1 units in the Aeon Commanders' base, but this attack is just a diversion technique..... Remember the T2 Gunships? Now is the time to use them!! The attack from the east must have drawn the Aeon commander out in the open and the attack from the north must've drawn all of her ground forces away, so attack her now!! If you have enough numbers of gunships, you'll be able to finish her off within 35 seconds!(In my case 57 Gunships...) and Kaaabooomm!!!!!!, its over.... Congratulations Commander, exit to debriefing.

Note from Misfiring: If you do not want a high casualty rate, there's a better way: build up a small force of T2 units and prepare a few T2 engineers (you can bring along your ACU too if you're scared, but make sure the shield upgrade is purchased). Move your forces to the very southeast of the map. There should be no units here and grants you access to some mass deposits and the perfect stage for a backstab. Build a base here and start producing T2 missile launchers, covered by some tanks and AA. Also build up T2 defenses since they have enough range to start sniping some structures and units inside the base, and make sure to build a radar. After you're ready, move your missile launchers along the south border, sniping everything they can reach, while your T2 engineers build T2 defenses along the path. With this, you'll have the enemy surrounded. You can try to destroy all factories, but I find it pointless since it's a lot easier to just snipe the ACU to death, and if it dares to approach it'll find a line of point defenses ready to blast it to pieces.

Hope this helps out, I've tried this tactic 2 weeks ago and it works beautifully but is sure to suffer heavy losses.

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