Note: This page details a mod for Supreme Commander or Supreme Commander: Forged Alliance, and does not represent information useful in an unmodded game. For more information on what mods are and how to install them, please visit Mods.

(Project Dust has ceased development at

What is Project Dust? Project Dust is a Total Conversion for the upcoming Real Time Strategy game, Supreme Commander; the spiritual successor of Chris Taylor's Total Annihilation.

It is based in an original Sci-Fi universe which I am developing. The project is currently in its pre-production phase as of October 17 2006.

Some of the features planned for the mod:

  • 3 unique races with different strategies, abilities, units and artwork.
  • Full Land, Sea and Air combat, and possibly a Space combat arena as well.
  • Full combined-arms warfare; from the infantry grunt to the most powerful Super units, every single one will play an intergral role in the overall game strategy.
  • AAA quality artwork, or at least near that level.
  • More emphasis on strategy.
  • A full 30-mission single-player campaign, one for each race.
  • Plausible technology that is based on today’s cutting edge/experimental technology.
  • Completely new buildings, map features, props and maps.
  • New, original sound effects, voiceovers and music.
  • Custom GUI.
  • New Intro movie, and cutscenes (depending on how the game handles them.)
  • Singleplayer and Multiplayer modes.

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