A few good ways to mess with your opponent are using cloaking and jamming units to make your opponent believe your units can teleport or are more numerous than they really are.

A good trick is to make alot of aeon scouts, then make them surround a factory. If your opponent has radar of the area, they will believe you have an army of engineers building an army of units, while you will just build scouts. Move the army within radar range of an outpost or base, than let your opponent move their ACU away from the spot. Use bombers or gunships to attack it as it flees.

However, if your opponent is aggressive, they may attack the army with one of their own that isn't made up of scouts. In that case, your army will be slaughtered and the enemy will gain veteran xp. counter that scenario by self destructing the units so they don't become punching bags. The reason the scouts have to be Aeon is so they can imitate naval units, so you can lure an enemy commander out of their base to escape your bombardment.

The simple objective of this tactic is to lure away enemy forces or their ACU, to either draw them out into battle or to make them try to escape a base they think is going to fall. If your opponent has read this article, then in order to draw them out anyway can lie in 2 simple actions.

One is to actually make some strong units, put the army in radar range, then peel off the front of your forces, or about half of your actual troops to scout the defenses and get a good feel for them. Then, send in your decoys, which still should be a little combat-worthy, like T1 tanks when you are T2. If the ACU leaves the seemingly doomed base, airdrop some actual troops to his position and bomb him.

The 2nd strategy involves some stealth and micro. Drop a deceiver and engineer or two engineers that should build a stealth generator as they land into a mass deposit on your opponent's side of the map. Then, capture the inevitable engineer coming to build a mass extractor, and a few others. Then, send a transport back to your base carrying the said engineer, and your opponent will, if cautious enough, will either quarantine and attack the area, or just let you go with said engineers. Now, here's the part where you cast the bait. drop the captured engineers in front of your base, and build a few of their factories{this works great if the captured engineers are seraphim}. If the factories are seraphim, they will show on the map that they have been created no matter the radar or LOS. Leave the factories undefended, while making them produce their factions best unit at the current tech level, like obsidians and harbringers with ascendants for aeon, deceiver brick and loyalist for cybran, mongoose percy and MML's for UEF, and some seraphim mobile shields, mobile flak, and siege tanks. Don't forget to take one of the captured engineers far from your primary base but if it is a seraphim engineer then don't make it build anything. If it isn't seraphim then make it build in the corner, out of enemy omni range.

Now the strategy takes affect. Your opponent will either be crushed by your supreme army or have to come eliminate the tech you borrowed from them. If you are facing an aggressive opponent then be prepared to have at least 6 strategic bombers, as they might send in their ACU to help out. If your opponent is cybran then always have at least 3 omni's in your base and one on your captured tech outpost, as the cybran may try cloaking and stealth. Once the ACU is identified, then bomb it with those strategic bombers. If your opponent doesn't bring in their ACU, then focus on just defending and gathering your army in front of his base.

If your opponent has their ACU in their little AA, PD, AN and shield shrine then devastate their base, and take out their radar. Keep your army at their destroyed base, reclaim it if you want the mass for an experimental resource generator or strategic missile launcher, then complete it. I'm sorry if this strategy is too boring or long for you but I personally enjoy it best this way from Matthew Plichta.

Gather all of your forces in one direction of the little haven and send a few air scouts. If the shields are failing then bomb it. If they are barely sustaining themselves or doing fine then drop some of your opponents engineers in the outer perimeter{they have to be from the same faction of your opponent so he can't steal your tech}. Locate the source of their power income. If their is no obvious source then it is the enemy ACU with a resource allocation upgrade. Prepare a few strategic bombers in the side of the map and find out whether your opponent is building up their base and troops and where. Send your army, which should be massive by now, and attack the area. If the ACU escapes the wreckage then bomb him with your strategic bombers.

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