Radar jamming fools the enemy's radar into showing non-existent radar signatures in radar range, which will be targeted like any other unit. Only UEF T3 Support Armored Command Units, UEF T1 Frigate, UEF T2 Field Engineer and Cybran T3 Heavy Gunship possess Radar Jamming. Omni sensors are impervious to its effects.

Humans can pick the false signatures out easily for any number of reasons:

  1. A group of units is moving in exact synchronization even when they wouldn't, as the false radar signatures have the exact same movement direction and speed as the source unit.
  2. SAM Missiles "go through" the target and instead loop back for several passes.
  3. Icons are shown for "units" where they cannot go e.g. a land unit icon over water or a sea unit icon on land.

However, it is an effective tool for attacking Firebases and in-the-field armies because they do not generally have Omni sensors with them and much weaponry will be directed at these non-existent signatures, as weapons maintain their target locks on the false signatures unless explicitly ordered to attack something else.

However, including a small number in a force of regular units can provide an effective distraction, convincing the enemy that a much larger force is approaching and causing them to bring in more units to defend. Bringing out the actual army from under stealth fields just as the fake army enters Omni range will likely startle a human opponent into panicking.

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