Range has multiple contexts, it can mean:

  • Maximum weapon range
    • the farthest distance away that a weapon can fire at a target
  • Minimum weapon range
    • the minimum distance away that a target must be for a weapon to fire, not present on all units weapons
  • Radar/Sonar range
    • the farthest distance away radar or sonar can detect a non-allied unit/structure
  • Stealth field range
    • the farthest distance away a stealth field can obscure a unit from radar or sonar
  • jammer range
    • the farthest distance away a radar jammer can project a false radar blip

A range of 1 is equivalent to the map space taken by a single tech 1 point defense. 1 kilometer ~= 51.2 range units. 5x5km maps are 256 range units on a side.

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