The Resource Management Tool was created with the intent to provide an easy way to add Jotto's Spawn with Army script to maps, particularly to official maps which doesn't have the functionality built in. Version 0.3 completed this task.
Screenshots can be seen in the GPG Forums and the download link at GameReplays

Useful FeaturesEdit

From the Options -> Draw portion of the menu, the user can choose to see different information displayed on the map, such as the T3 Artillery range from the starting locations.

From the Options -> Markers menu, the user can choose to only the markers they want to. I noticed that the AI markers oftn flooded the screen with information, when the army and resource points were enough to paint a picture.

In v0.3, "Refresh Map" must be clicked after selecting different draw options or markers to view to see the changes occur. Both have been fixed in the unreleased v0.4.

Version HistoryEdit

v0.4 (unreleased)Edit

-Add: Option form added
-Add: ability to save _scenario.lua file with NoRush changes.
-Modify: All markers grouped as one list


-Open File Dialog
-Capable of parsing _scenario.lua files
-Increased efficiency: Map Size is read from scenario file, rather than estimated
-NoRush radius is now shown from map data, rather than defaulted to 90 o's
-NoRush radius can be changed to visually see the new radius for each army, but must be manually changed in the _scenario file
-NoRush offsets are now shown on the armies, not yet indiviudally editable -Can mark resource points as spawns with army
-Saves _save.lua file, reording markers to be in Army, Resource, AI order, and adds [SpawnWithArmy] info as needed
-Saves _script.lua file with scripts based on what the map needs (basic and/or Hazard Editor info and/or Jotto script)


-Settings file now updates on closing (markers, Draw, and latest files settings)
-AI Markers are now parsed and shown
-Arrays will now grow as maps need markers
-Marker sets can be toggled (updated after a "populate" click)
-Fixed vector3 parsing problem
-vertical offset was wrong, points don't show up off screen anymore
-Map view now improved (grid, radius circles)


- First public release

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