This strategy (SB-SCUing, or Suicide Bomber Support Command Unit-ing) involves constructing a Quantum gate, then outfitting SCUs with a Quantum teleporter and subsequently ordering them to teleport to a location in the enemy base.

Pros and ConsEdit

Pro: This method has the advantage of being unstoppable; that is, the opponent has no way from stopping your SCU from teleporting into your base, except to destroy it before it's upgrades are complete.

Pro: If the player has experimentals such as the Fatboy in their base, they will assist you in destroying their own base.

Con: You need a large resource production and time where you are not attacked to pull this off.

Con: You need to play the Aeon or Seraphim (they are the only ones that have teleporting SCUs).

Con: You need a high amount of engineering power to pull this off effectively.

Usage SituationsEdit

This technique is only useful when the other player has completely barricaded himself in his base and you've tried many other routes of attack (such as experimentals and/or nuking). It will be highly effective in this case, but mostly useless in others.

Factional DifferencesEdit

The Seraphim are best at this, due to the fact that they can make their SCUs hardier, though the Aeon can do this too.

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